Panzel Family Office

est. 1918

3 generations of family investors and a combined experience of a REAL family office that expands over a century. We are your asset manager of trust.

We have developed a UNIQUE Investment strategy to keep your family wealth under one roof. 

Let us share this unique experience with you.


Why Panzel Family Office?

Do you own a company ? Are you an executive, an investor or the owner of an estate built up over several generations ? Panzel Family Office brings you exclusive experience, to help you keep your family wealth secure and facilitate the intergenerational fortune transmission.

In cooperation with our experienced network of experts, we offer you excellent strategy and succession planning for all generations, to avoid unnecessary exits and the successor generation (NextGen) can still be independent. We ensure that your investments are always transparent and optimised in terms of cost and quality.

Our promise :

  • We are attentive to your needs and adapt to your specific financial goals.
  • We build tailor-made investment strategies together in accordance with your vision.
  • We ensure regular control of all your investments and assets.

In cooperation with our experienced network of experts, we provide you with succession planning for the following generations.

  • We make sure that your investments are always transparent and optimised in terms of cost and quality.
  • We offer you advice to optimise your private and professional assets when they are closely linked.
  • We adapt to your needs in order to offer specific ready-to-use solutions.

Startup Platform for NextGen

Panzel Family Office helps the successor generations of family businesses (Next Generation) to launch their own startup in the gaming, music or sports industry. Thanks to our excellent reporting, all generations have a quick and comprehensive overview of all their assets at all times.

Hiring / Staffing services

Panzel Family Office provides placement, staffing, training and coaching services. We prioritise female talent.

Relocation Services

Panzel Family Office helps you to immigrate to Switzerland. We manage successful relocations from Denmark, Germany and the USA.

Asset and Wealth Management

Panzel Family Office provides consulting in Finance and Wealth Management.

Family Office Services

Finding and founding you Family Office branch. We help you with matters related to Investor Relations, Public Relations and Financial Education and Communication.

Boarding Services

Let Panzel Family Office take care of your children's education. We find the best boarding and private schools for your children. Ensure the success of the next generation !

Launch your own Startup?

Not interested in staying in or taking over the family business? Want to build your own startup and become independent? Then get in touch with Panzel Family Office.

Sven Panzel, Head of Family Office

My family and related private investors were fed up with the investment greed, aka “Anglo-Saxon-Profit-Mentality” and “Green Washing”. During the recent crises Kleptocracy and Corruption added to it and are now an absolute No-Go for all investors. This defines our new Panzel Family Office Switzerland Mindset as our Norwegian, Swedish and SwissGerman young family members requests are  “Sustainable” and “Responsible” investment policy. They want to set milestones within their industry, and actively influence politics in this direction in order to ensure the future of the following young generation.

Now while the world is facing one of the biggest crises ever, I want to help this New Investment Generation to allocate or even create State-Of-The-Art Responsible Investment Opportunities.

I was elected Head of Family in 2017, and asked to create this opportunity with Panzel Family Offices located in Morges, Vaud Switzerland together with 3 Single Family Offices. Our goal is to help other Family Enterprises and Single Family Offices from Scandinavia and other parts of the world to achieve the same.

our Values & Beliefs

As Olympic and National Team Rower, participant of the Olympic Games in L.A. 1984, multiple World and National Champion I do believe in long and selective training standards, a rigid discipline combined with competition that lead to the highest quality standards. 

– Sven Panzel, CEO Panzel Family Office

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Panzel Family Office

Est. 1918

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