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Our client, a Norwegian Petrochemical Shipping Company, contacted us in 2022. Due to Ukraine War and strong dependency in Europe to Russian resources plus the European-wide sanctions: A huge Gas and Oil shortage plus strong increase in prices esp. in Germany (and Switzerland) arose. 

Germany has decided to go for LPG and the use of sc. “Mobile LPG” tankers which are fast to install and shift plus more security because outside of main refinery cities as Rotterdam, Duisburg or Hamburg.

Panzel Family Office has helped with detailed risk analyses and providing  the right contacts to the government and the leading private petrochemical industry taking into account the available LPG/Hydrogen gas and tanker infrastructure in place in Norway and Switzerland. The contacts resulted in a new delivery contract for Germany.


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Another one of our clients, a major company, were looking to find new investors but didn’t have enough skills. They decided to hire us at to set-up full Investor Relations Team (12 people) from scratch. We were required to look for the right family owned investors all over the world and to set up Investor Relations and Finance Communication Strategy from scratch. As a result of our collaboration, this company acquired a double digit billion dollar profit. 


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Another client, a Scandinavian family owned enterprise was facing 30% increase in company and wealth tax, due to new regulations.

Panzel Family Office helped them to develop a strategy that would allow them to locate new customer business areas, partners in Germany and Switzerland and helped to move entities to start a new business unit. We helped 3 different families to move to Switzerland : locating, finding office and private living space and helped to identify graduate and undergraduate International schools their children.


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