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Panzel Family Office helps the successor generations of family businesses (Next Generation) to launch their own startup.


Startup Platform Industries


The games industry is on the rise. It's not surprising that more start-ups are positioning themselves with their business ideas in this trendy area.


After the rapid increase in streaming revenues, the music industry has realised that the future lies in the digital world.


Digitalization, individualization and sustainability are certainly three of the most important trends in the sports industry.

Launch your own Startup?

Not interested in staying in or taking over the family business? Want to build your own startup and become independent? Then get in touch with Panzel Family Office.

Succession Planning

Exit planning is as important for family business owners as it is for you as a descendant. But despite the fact that two-thirds of entrepreneurs will reach retirement age in the next decade – only very few have a solid succession plan that has been coordinated, communicated and agreed with descendants.

The difficult truth that some family business owners must face is that you as the next generation may not want to take over the business. Instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in you is a double-edged sword for family business owners. The very skills and behaviours that make you a great leader for the family business may lead you to build your own business or startup.

The Problem

The Solution

Panzel Family Office offers a platform to avoid unnecessary exits and provide options and opportunities for innovative business ideas for the young successor generation.

Next Generation

Family Business Owners

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