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Founded in 1918, Panzel Family Office is an independent, family-run multi-family office. We are committed to going the extra mile and making a difference for families.


Who We are : Our family story


Friedrich Karl Wilhelm Panzel of Germany founded Rhein-Mosel Schifffahrtsgesellschaft Wilhelm Panzel K.G. Koblenz/St. Goar in 1917. His company provided transportation and pilot services for bulk shipments on the Rhine, mainly for companies such as BASF, Bayer Leverkusen and oil refineries such as British Petrol, Conoco, Exxon and Royal Dutch.

After World War II, his son Dr. Burkhard Panzel (also Sven’s father), became owner and director of Jaegers Reederei AG, a niche provider of heated, secure petrochemical transport. The company became the leading provider on the market and was bought on by Hugo Stinnes (VEBA) of British Petrol Group.

During the late 1950s, Dr. Burkhard Panzel married Sven’s mother – Maj Hædde of Sweden, whose family joined the family business as 2nd family. Sven’s grandfather Hjalmar Eugén Hædde (Phd of Human Medicine) invented a sterile syringe packaging method. He sold the patent to Mölnlycke Health AB, a division of SCA (Svenska Cellulosa AB, the worldwide biggest owner of private forest and wood processor).

During the 90s, Stolt-Nielsen became the 3rd family in the group : they joined in as a strategic partner specialised in petrochemical pre-products as Aniline, Naphtha and Hydrogen tankers for the plastic producing industry (BASF, Bayer and Dupont) and the fuel industry delivering world-wide ready made pre-products.

Sven & Nadine Panzel

Since 2008, Nadine Panzel has become Investment Officer on a pro bono basis and Sven – Head of Family Office. 

Together, they lead the new Impact Investment Strategy following the young generations: Divested investments with real impact on durability, convergence and a responsible use of resources and labour, – to put an end to Anglo-Saxon greed and profit thinking.

  • We provide dedicated and individual services for Norwegian families seeking to move to Switzerland.
  • We help finding solutions (on a fond platform) to keep the succeeding Next Generation motivated onboard to avoid exits.
  • We promote, foster and train female talents in and around our family offices to become leaders of tomorrow in synch with their careers, families and lives.

Panzel Family business

Our office is located in Morges, Switzerland.

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Sven Panzel

Head of Family Office

Sven is the Head and CEO, having previously served as Board Member with top tier Private Banks and IAM (Independent Asset Managers) in Switzerland and Luxembourg to select the right partners and best matching services for his family enterprises from the Shipping and Medical Packaging industry. Sven has more than 30 years of investment banking experience gained in Europe, United States and Japan – primarily with the Treasury and Risk market analyses as Avaloq, Goldman Sachs and SunGard. He is a MBA graduate of ISG and INSEAD. Prior to his professional life Sven was member and coach of the German and Swedish National Rowing Team, double World Champion and participated 1984 at the Olympics in Los Angeles.

Nadine Panzel

Chief of Finances

Nadine is CIO (Chief Investment Officer) of Panzel Family Office pro-bono and Board Member since 2008. During the pandemic crises (2019-2021) she doubled AUM of PFO. She is Senior Manager in Corporate Finance in Stuttgart. Prior she worked 25 years with Mercedes Benz Group with the transformation of Daimler AG’s Spin-Off of the Daimler Truck unit. Nadine graduated with a Diploma of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Stuttgart. She is engaged within a professional chorus in Gotha and supports young women from East Germany and Ukraine to become leaders in family owned businesses.

Dr. Annette Ryčl


Annette is Chairwoman of Board of Panzel Family Office since 1990. She has been working more than 30 years as a retained Headhunter in Geneva and Zurich for legal Board Advisory and Placements and Recruitments for top tier leadership positions but for women only. She worked in Germany, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland mainly for IR Automotive, Telco and later Private Investment Banking and Wealth Mgt, recruiting investment talent for midsize ($10-500m) Single Family Offices. She studied at University Paris Sorbonne 1 (Panthéon) Philosophy, Political and Social Science and Human Resources. She still advised family dynasties in Canada, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland and holds lecturers and speeches at WEF, London School of Economics and INSEAD.

Management Team Panzel Family Office est. 1918

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