Family Office IR Services

Panzel Family Office offers services such as Investor Relations (IR), Public Relations (PR) and Financial Communication as well as Training for Swiss 🇨🇭 and Swedish 🇸🇪 families.

Panzel Family Office

Panzel Family Office is completely independent and free of conflicts of interest. Just as we do for our family, our goal is to find the best possible solution for every situation and need.

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Want to benefit from our best in class IR Services?

With our in-house capabilities and extensive international network, Panzel Family Office is the primary partner a client needs to manage family affairs and initiatives.

Our Family Office IR Services

Investor Relations (IR)

Panzel Family Office provides investors with an accurate account of company affairs to help investors make well informed decisions.

Public Relations (PR)

Panzel Family Office builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.

Financial Communication

Panzel Family Office provides financial data to various targets, whether they are the media, investors, shareholders or employees.

Financial Training

Panzel Family Office offers financial training in portfolio management, private equity and more.

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