Family Office Recruiting

Panzel Family Office provides placement, staffing, training and coaching services. We prioritise female talent.

Panzel Family Office

Panzel Family Office offers placement, training and coaching services for male and female talents from Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavia.


We provide legal advice and placement of high caliber executives in management and board positions.


We provide exclusive training of "Family Enterprise Talents" with crisis and family conflict/consensus management, social media and stage skills, self-esteem and proper networking.


We support mentoring and mentee-ing: finding the "right" mentor or the right "mentee". As well as mentoring, training and internships for dual students.


looking for new Talents?

We have a network of more than 500 high-caliber female executives with at least 20 years of experience in FCMG, luxury goods, telecommunications, private banking and family business.

looking for A new Challenge?

We retain search mandates for international companies and place high-caliber female executives for management and board positions.​

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